Competitive Galas & Results (KZNA/SSA)

Results will be emailed to all competitive swimmers as a pdf file from each gala that Penguins Swimming Club (PSCP-UMD) participates in. We will forward both the full results and the results for the team PSCP-UMD.


Click here to view National Age Group rankings from 2019-20 season

Gala Title & Date(s)Full ResultsPSCP-UMD Results
Beavers Gala
Kings Park Pool
30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019
KZNA Speedo Jnr Champs
Kings Park SC Pool
12-13 October 2019
TYR Westville Sprints
Kings Park Pool
23-24 November 2019
KZNA Premier Championships (L3 up)
Kings Park SC Pool
17-22 December 2019
KZNA Level 2 Provincial Champs
Kings Park Pool
15-16 Feb 2020
Eastern Regional Level 3
19-22 March 2020
Eastern Regional Level 2
East London
27-29 March 2020
SA Junior Nationals
Kings Park LC Pool
April 2020