How to Register with Penguins Club 2022/2023

Registration Process

Registration with Penguins Swimming Club (PSC) is compulsory for every existing and new club member each season. It is essential for Insurance, Medical and Communication purposes and must be done within the 1st weeks of the swimmer being in the water.

The steps for registration are as follows:

NEW MEMBERS: First establish which coach the swimmer(s) will train with and at which venue. This is done by first contacting the coach and making arrangements to attend a ‘trial’ swim session.

ALL (NEW & EXISTING) MEMBERS to complete the Club Registration for each swimmer. Click here to register ONLINE

CLUB REGISTRATION FORM must be completed online or a hardcopy returned within the first week that the swimmer is training at PSC.

CLUB REGISTRATION FEES will be invoiced to you on receipt of the completed Club Registration. They are a once-off payment and will cover from the month your swimmer begins with PSC until the end of the season. Fees can, by written and agreed arrangement, be paid off over a reasonable time period. If as swimmer registers and leaves with in the 1st month of registering they will be liable for 1 months registration fees.

NO REFUNDS are issued for Club Registration Fees, should a swimmer discontinue training with PSC, or miss months due to personal schedules, vacations or illness.

COACHING FEES are paid directly to your coach and payment options will be discussed between the coach and the parent. Should a swimmer cease training with PSC, then one (1) calendar month written notice is due to the coach for Non-competitive swimmers and three (3) calendar months written notice for Competitive swimmers. Unless this notice is given, the swimmer remains accountable for fees owing. In the event of a swimmer ceasing training with PSC, the Club Registration fees remain payable as per the invoice issued.

Please see below for details of Registration Fees for all swimmers.

Competitive Swimmers

1 May 2022 – 30 April 2023:  R2200
Cost per swimmer for KZNA Registration:**
L1-SANJ: R1320 Officials: R170

All Competitive Swimmers are expected to train through Winter. Registration with KZN Aquatics (KZNA) is done in May 2022 and galas begin in June/July 2022 (Subject to Covid 19 Restrictions).

*Swimmers joining PSC as a Competitive Swimmer part way through the season (either as a PSC non-competitive member or transferring from a different Club) will be charged a reasonable pro-rata fee depending on the month they join.

**The Registration Fee for KZNA is paid to PSC at the time of Registration. Please email your proof of payment together with the completed KZNA Registration Form to PSC. The KZNA Registration will not be processed until payment is received in full.

Non-Competitive Swimmers

Joining between 1 May 2022 & 31 Jul 2022:   R1550
Joining between 1 Aug 2022 & 31 Dec 2022:  R1150
Joining any time after 1 Jan 2023:  R650
Learn to Swim & Masters  joining any time in the season R560