Competitive Swimming

Please read the following information and contact our Competitive Swimming Secretary should you have any queries. Upon registration with PSC for the 2022-23 season, you will be required to tick a box to confirm you have read, understood and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Competitive swimming with PSC.

Competitive swimmers are swimmers who register with KZN Aquatics (KZNA) and therefore Swimming South Africa (SSA). They swim KZNA run galas in Durban and other organised venues as stipulated by SSA. All Competitive swimmers must be registered with KZNA and with a swimming club that is also registered with KZNA.

Swimmers participate in galas from June 2022 until the end of the season (30 April 2023) under the direction of our Competitive swimming coaches – Mandy Wheeler and Kelvin Mumford – and times from all events swum are recorded on the central KZNA database as well as on the PSC database. Typically, most galas will be swum before Dec 2022 to allow space in the first term of 2023 for school swimming commitments and training schedules in the build up to National and Regional Competitions in March/April 2023.

Time standards are set by SSA and usually updated every 3 years. Time standards can be downloaded here.

Competitive swimmers, provided they have qualified with the required times for their age, have the opportunity to compete at the end of the season in SSA Regionals (Level 2 or Level 3) or SA Junior Nationals or SA Youth or Senior Nationals.

As detailed in our Club Registration Process and Fees guidelines, Club Registration fees will be invoiced to your account on receipt of a completed Club Registration.

Club Registration & KZNA Registration Fees

All Club Registration fees must be paid in full. Should you wish to organise a payment plan, please contact our Secretary: Your arrangements will be handled confidentially. No swimmer will be able to participate in the end of season Club Championship Gala in March 2023, nor be awarded any prize at the annual end of season Prizegiving in 2023, should registrations and/or accounts be outstanding.

Should a swimmer cease training with PSC, then three (3) months’ calendar written notice is required for Competitive swimmers. Unless this notice is given, the swimmer remains accountable for fees owing. In the event of a swimmer ceasing training with PSC, the Club Registration fees remain payable as per the invoice issued.

KZNA Fees are payable alongside registration (see Club Registration Process & Fees) and proof of payment must accompany the completed KZNA Registration form SSA Registration Form 2022-2023. Registration with KZNA will not be submitted without payment.

KZNA Galas

At all KZNA galas, PSC swimmers and parents sit together and with the coach on duty. Swimmers report to the coach on duty ahead of warm up and are to be ready on time. During a gala, swimmers are expected to know when their swims are during the sessions and to report to the coach on duty before and after each race.

Age ranges in which the swimmers compete varies. For example, an 11yr old may compete in 11/under at one gala, in 11-12yrs at a different gala or event and 12/under in other galas or events. Each gala is different. Unlike school swimming, swimmers always compete in the correct age group at any gala as per their age on the first day of the gala (ie Gala runs from 24-26 Sept and swimmer has 12th birthday on 25 Sept. They will compete as an 11yr old for the entire gala).

All our Competitive swimmers required to wear club kit at all times while at SSA/KZNA galas. The PSC swim cap is compulsory for all events swum and can be purchased from PSC. Goggles and costumes are the choice of the swimmer. Podium medal presentations require swimmers to be dressed in club kit and footwear.

Swimmers provide officials at all galas. Officials are those who have trained as timekeepers and/or judges and have registered with KZNA – typically parents but can be anyone connected with the swimmer. This aspect of having a Competitive swimmer is a non-negotiable as all clubs have to provide a quota of officials at each gala, the number of which depends on how many swimmers are competing. There is great value in being on pool deck as an official, as there is much to learn and observe and your active involvement will ultimately help your swimmer.

Special arrangements can be made for swimmers whose parents live outside of the Province or outside of SA, whereby a fee is charged to their account to cover a replacement timekeeper arranged by KZNA in advance of the gala.

Should parents who live locally and who would be available to train, register and officiate, refuse to do so, then PSC will have no choice but to allocate a charge to their account during a gala that they would have been due to officiate at.

The officials roster within PSC is managed by the PSC Secretary with every effort made to keep allocations to sessions through the season as fair as possible.

The Gala Host sends all relevant information and an events list for every gala, to PSC, which is then forwarded to parents. It is essential that parents and swimmers are aware of the information provided, which includes rules, session times, officials required and entry requirements.

The closing date for entries is the date which entries and payment are sent to the Gala Host by PSC. The closing date for entries to be finalised within PSC is normally 2 days prior.

All race entries are agreed between swimmer, coach and parent and submitted to the PSC Secretary. Entries are checked by the coach, parent and swimmer as many times as necessary before submission to the Gala Host. Entry drafts are returned to PSC from the Gala Host for checking. It is the responsibility of the swimmer, parent and coach to ensure entries are correct.

Fees are charged per event – the rate of which varies between galas – together with an entry levy. Relay entry fees are covered by PSC, not by individual swimmers.

Swimmers will be invoiced for entry fees once entries are submitted to the Gala Host and MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE FIRST DATE OF THE GALA. If the fees are still outstanding one day before the first day of the gala, PSC reserves the right to scratch the swimmer’s entries and the swimmer will not be allowed to participate.

Payment structures are in place for parents who live outside of SA and must be agreed in writing at the start of the season.